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Healthy Eating Tips

Great Healthy Eating Tips Healthy eating is an important lifestyle choice throughout life, and we know that we are always being told to eat a balanced diet, and not overdo it with fats and sugars, but this becomes even more important as we get older and our immune system and digestive system slows down and […]

Tips to prevent falls

  Some simple tips to prevent falls Around one in three people over 65 and half of over 80’s will have a fall every year. Even if you fall and are not hurt, a bad fall can shake your confidence. Most falls are the result of a combination of factors including physical health, mental health, […]

Loneliness and Companionship

  Loneliness is a massive issue for elderly people in the UK. As people grow older they will inevitably lose more of their friends, neighbours and even their spouse or partner. This reduces the social interaction that they might have. Also the elderly can have limited contact with family members due to them living away […]

Dignity Champion

Jane is our Dignity Champion I’d like to introduce you to Jane Yeo. She is our first dignity champion and she has pledged to keep the ‘10 dignity dos’ as laid out by the National Dignity Council. What is a Dignity Champion? A Dignity Champion is someone who believes that everyone has the right to be […]

Welcoming our new Care Manager

We are delighted to appoint our new Care Manager Finding the right person for important roles isn’t always easy but in appointing Alex Powell as our new Care Manager we’re confident we’ve done exactly that. Alex has extensive experience in care. Her very first experience of care was looking after her grandmother as a teenager. […]