Cutting the cost of care?

How can you cut the cost of care and still deliver a quality service?

This was a question that was raised by a relative of one of our clients. His parents receive care from Social Services and were due to transfer over to the new provider in September. However once Care-Costs
meeting with the new provider and finding out how much they had won the contract for he had changed his mind.

He discovered that they would be providing care for £2 an hour less than the previous contract in his parent’s village, and up to £5 an hour less in some of the surrounding villages. This led him to question how the care can be delivered so cheaply and what would the care workers be paid.

At My Care at Home we believe that to deliver quality care we need to ensure our home care workers are paid correctly and yes this does have a cost to it.  However by paying our care workers the living wage and their travel time and mileage we feel that we have happier care staff that then provide a top quality service.

At My Care we do not see the care worker role as just a job we encourage our staff to gain qualifications and to further their career, taking on more responsibility. Our training at My Care is all done in house and face to face with our staff. We hold regular training sessions for staff and this improves their confidence and enables our staff to meet each other and share good practice.

If you would like to talk to us about the quality care we deliver please call the office on 01449 763086 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.