Dementia Home Care in Suffolk

Dementia Home Care in Suffolk

Dementia can be a frustrating and isolating illness, My Care at Home understand this and offer quality home care to support you so you can stay in your own home.  Sometimes your family will need our support and in this case, we can also offer respite care so that they can take a break knowing you’re in safe hands.  We offer first class services in dementia home care in Suffolk and we are proud to give something back to the local community.

We live in a beautiful part of the country, and Suffolk has a lot to offer, with many attractions close to your own home.  You don’t always have to stay at home to receive our support, we can take you out into your local community with the support of our local home care support workers. This could be going out for a walk in the Suffolk Countryside, going dancing, to the seaside, shopping excursions, or accompanying you to social events with your family and friends. We support the individual not their condition, taking time to explore your lifetime of experiences and then tailor your home care to meet your individual needs. We focus on what you can do or enjoy doing rather than what you can no longer achieve.

With the support of a key home care worker, we encourage you and your family to complete a memory book, full of past memories and experiences, including likes and dislikes. These can be continually added to and are a great way for home care workers to learn more about you and your family and help evoke lovely memories. Continuity of Care is very important, that’s why we ensure you have the same home care worker visit you, so you can build trust and have the reassurance that you are being supported by someone who understands your personal needs. Your key home care worker can also support you with light housework, cooking and gardening, playing games, reading and sharing poetry or help support you with a much loved past time, whilst ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Useful Dementia Home Care in Suffolk Info

We are always up-to-date with the charities, organisations and events in your local Suffolk community. If you would like more information we would love to hear from you, please speak to Samantha, on 01284 711845 or 01449 763086.

If you would like to know more about Dementia Care in Suffolk, please follow this link to the Alzheimer’s Society website, they have lots of useful information and resources or call us.

We know how hard dementia can be for all involved which is why we aim to offer the best dementia home care in Suffolk.