Launch of the Care Certificate

Launch of the Care Certificate

The new Care certificate is being launched on April 1st 2015. It is a qualification for all support workers that work in social care and health in England. care-at-home-purple
Following the Francis enquiry it was found My Care at Home Logothat there was inconsistency in the training and support that care workers receive and so it was decided that there was a need for universal training for everyone which has resulted in the Care Certificate.

Prior to the Care Certificate anyone starting work with a care company had to complete induction training that met the Common Standards. Each care setting was responsible for providing that training, but there was no set rules about how it had to be delivered. Therefore the standard of training that care workers received varied from setting to setting. The new Care Certificate incorporates all of those Common Standards, and has more standards that need to be met. There is a standard workbook and other training resources that have been developed which will show the learning that has been undertaken. Therefore reducing the inconsistency in training between care settings.

At My Care at Home we have been planning for a long while to get ready for this Care Certificate. Our induction training was already very at a very high standard. All of our training is carried out at our offices via face to face training. Therefore we already had a good basis for our Care Certificate training to be based on. The main changes that have been made are that the training will take place over the 12 weeks. New staff will be allocated a training mentor that will be their main contact for the duration of their training. This will ensure there is continuity in the training and their assessments. Our new staff will have 2 full days of training, then they will shadow experienced care workers. This will be followed up with 10 weekly training sessions in the office, where they will be able to discuss their work and share experiences with each other while having further training. At the end of the 12 weeks they will then have completed their training and will be issued their Care Certificate and they will have a personal development plan highlighting the further training that they would like to do to develop their career in care.

What will this mean to the care you receive? Well, you may not notice much change. The standard of our training was already high and the quality of care reflects this. It will mean that our staff are monitored more closely and staff will have more opportunity to share good practice. It will help us to maintain the high standard of care that we aim to achieve.

We look forward to see how the Care Certificate works and are excited that it will make our already great training even better.