Loneliness and Companionship


Loneliness is a massive issue for elderly people in the UK. As people grow older they will inevitably lose more of their friends, neighbours and even their spouse or partner. This reduces the social interaction that they might have. Also the elderly can have limited contact with family members due to them living away or having busy lives. All of these issues can lead to feelings of loneliness.
Loneliness can then lead to a cycle of behaviour. As the elderly person feels more isolated they may become more withdrawn and spend even more time on their own which can lead to anxiety. This anxiety can then lead to more prolonged spells of time on their own and the vicious cycle has begun.
Loneliness may not seem like a serious problem but the effects of the loneliness are. It can lead to serious depression and anxiety and can also lead to physical health problems. Prolonged loneliness can seriously affect a persons well being. This is why companionship is so important and can help to keep loneliness and its effects at bay.
There are lots of ways we can help the elderly in our community helping them with shopping or taking meals round for them. However it’s also important to spend the time with our elderly to help combat the loneliness and isolation they may be feeling. Stopping for a cup of tea and a chat, playing a game of cards, doing a jigsaw, going out for a walk, watching a movie together – all these activities allow an elderly person to enjoy themselves.
Companionship can also be offered as a service by care companies. This isn’t as a luxury but as vital aspect of someone’s care to help keep those feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay.
We all need to do everything we can to help the elderly in our community to feel more content and confident, and perhaps inspire them to do more things, and reduce any anxiety about the world outside their front door.

My Care at Home can help by providing companionship visits that can help to combat loneliness. 

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