Rapid Response Care

How quickly can we get care put in to place?

in this article we are going to go look at the process of getting care put in to place and how quickly we can get started.

We had a call on a Monday morning from a son that was worried about his mother. He had been to visit her the day before and was shocked at how much her mobility had decreased and wanted to get her some help. We arranged to go and see his mother the next day to carry out the care assessment.

From discussions with the son we were able to get an idea of when care would be needed and in this case it was morning and evening visits. Before going to visit to do the assessment we had a look at our roster to see what times we would be able to cover and who with and from when we would be able to cover. We give our clients the choice on when they want
care to be delivered but always try to go with an idea of times that would work and staff so that we can share this information with the prospective client. In this case the times that we able to do were early morning at 7.30 or later after 9am and in the evening was a teatime visit or a visit at 8.30pm. If these times do not work for the client we aim to get times that do fit in place as soon as possible.

Luckily for this client those times were perfect and she wanted a 7.30am visit and then an 8.30pm visit. So already while doing the care plan we knew that we could meet her needs and as soon as she needed it to.

We carried out the care plan getting all the details we needed and then we went back to the office and had it typed up printed and booked in the first care worker to visit that evening.

A call to us and care can be in place within 24 hours!  It really is that simple, we offer outstanding rapid homecare across Suffolk.

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