Social Care Commitment

My Care at Home sign up to the Social Care Commitment

My Care at Home have signed up to the Social Care Commitment. The Social Care commitment was launched by the department of health.Social Care Commitment

It is an agreement between employers and employees, where both sides sign up to seven clear commitments to develop skills and Social-Care-Commitment-Footerknowledge within their workforce. It focuses on the real issues people have in the workplace, such as how to achieve effective communication, uphold dignity and protect an individual’s privacy.

The commitment means that we have to promise to implement best practice in a number of areas relating to workforce values, attitudes, behaviours, skills and competence. The majority of this we already do and for us the reason for joining the commitment is to ensure that we are regularly carrying out an audit on how we meet the standards to ensure that we are meeting them at all times and maintaining our quality.

Our employees are also being asked to make a similar commitment, which means both the management and our care workers can work together meaning to maintain the quality of care that we deliver.