Spotting the signs of dementia


Spotting the signs of dementia

Spending time with loved ones at family gatherings could be a time when you spot signs of dementia, what should you do if you have concerns about a relative.

When you see friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a while you might notice if they have lost weight or have a new hairstyle, but what would you do if you spotted a change in their behavior since you saw them last? What if they were struggling to follow a conversation or TV programme, or even forgetting who you are? Should you just put it down to them getting older, or could it be a sign of dementia?

There isn’t a cure for dementia but early detection of it can help. It can mean that medication (not all types of dementia respond to medication), support and understanding can be put in to place to help support your loved one and enable them to carry on living as independently as possible.

So what are some of the early symptoms to look out for in a loved one?Dementia

* Struggling to remember recent events, although they can easily recall things that happened in the past

* Finding it hard to follow conversations or programmes on TV

* Forgetting the names of friends or everyday objects

* Difficulty recalling things they have heard, seen or read

* Repeating themselves or losing the thread of what they are saying

* Having problems thinking and reasoning

* Feeling anxious, depressed or angry about their memory loss

* Finding that other people start to comment on their memory loss

* Feeling confused even when in a familiar environment

If you notice any of these symptoms in a loved one you should encourage that they visit their GP as soon as possible. It can be a difficult conversation to have with a loved one but it can help to get them the support that they need as soon as possible and will enable them to enjoy a better quality of life