Suffolk Carers

Here is a day in the life of a Suffolk Carer

A diary from Melanie, one of our carers.

“My day begins at 7.30 in Stowmarket when I call to see Maude. I let myself in using the key safe calling out hello as I enter the house. Maude is always pleased to see me and we have a little chat before we start the morning routine. I help Maude to the toilet and help her to get washed and dressed. Maude likes to choose what she wants to wear and I give her a hand with getting them on. Then it’s time for breakfast, I pop the kettle on to make a cup of tea and get her toast and cereal ready. While Maude is eating her breakfast I have a tidy up for her and make sure she has a cold drink for later on. Once breakfast is finished I clear away and wash up, then usually I have five minutes before I have to leave so Maude and I like to have a little chat and look at the photos of all her great grandchildren.

Then once the hour is up its time for me to go on to see Peter and Irene.

They live in Stowupland – just a short drive from Maude’s. Travel time is thought about when my calls are booked in so I have enough time to get there. When I get to their house Irene lets me in. My first job is to help get Peter out of bed, he has arthritis and finds it hard to get around so my help here is really appreciated. I help him to the toilet and get him ready for the day.

Peter and Irene don’t have any family that live nearby and I am often the only person they see each day so I always make sure I have time for a chat and cup of tea as well as getting the breakfast for them. I also prepare a light lunch that I pop in the fridge for them to have at lunch time. Then it’s a quick tidy up and clear down in the kitchen and I’m off again.

My next visit is to Margaret back in Stowmarket.

I get there at for 10.30 am. Margaret is able to get herself up and ready on her own, her visit is a companionship visit. I am there to help her with her shopping; with jobs around the house or sometimes a little bit of gardening.

I love to listen to all the stories she has to tell me about her younger days. Today we are going to the shops, we go together as Margaret likes to be as independent as possible. After getting back from the shops we put the shopping away together. Then it’s time for my break.

Visiting Tony

I have a couple of hours off and then it’s off to see Tony. Tony lives with dementia and I come to visit him every Monday to give his wife a couple of hours to herself. We sometimes play board games, go for walks or potter in the garden. Tony lives in Needham Market and today I have planned a walk around the lake, feeding the ducks. I enjoy spending time with Tony and its lovely to see his wife come home feeling refreshed after having some time for herself.

Last Calls

Then it’s time to put my feet up for a while before I do the bedtime run which is back with my two clients from this morning. No two days are ever the same in this job but I always know that I have made a difference to people’s lives and that makes the job worthwhile. It’s great being part of the My Care at Home team.”

* Please note all names have been changed to protect peoples identities.

Please call us on 01449 763086 if you would like a rewarding career in care like Melanie, as a business we know how important good Suffolk carers are and how much help and comfort they give to people. If you would like to have a My Care at Home care worker help support you in your own home call us to find out more.