Suffolk Homecare, how we do it


An example of Suffolk Homecare and how we help

A different type of news article this time, I thought it would be good to show how our home care services work and how we meet the high standards that we set ourselves.

Whenever we get an enquiry for home care it often comes at a time of crisis for the family. For example, when a family member is coming out of hospital after an operation or when the family member who is the main career is finding it hard to do it all on their own, this is often when people need our support most.

Our first example of how we have helped support a family came at a time of crisis for a family in Suffolk.

Bert (the father) and Mildred (the mother) lived independently at home together with Bert caring for Mildred. Then crisis hit, Bert had to go in to hospital for an operation. The family all lived locally but they all had their own busy lives with family, jobs and households of their own to run.  Mildred herself needs 24 hour care and this is why the family contacted us. They needed home care for Mildred at the times of the day the family were not able to be there. They contacted My Care at Home to find out if we could help and how we would organise something so personal to them at such short notice. Our care manager listened to their needs and arranged to go and visit the family the very next day to carry out a care assessment.

Before arriving the next day our care manager had already looked at our rotas and had a plan in place for who could care for Mildred if we were appointed.

Our care manager went out did the care plan and set about organising the care for the hours that the family needed. Everything was set in place for the family and care was going to be in place just 48 hours after the initial phone call. It was a complex care plan as the mother had dementia and required as much continuity of care with the same career’s as possible. As we would be delivering the home care alongside the family the hours they needed meant we were able to provide the care with just the one carer.

However, just before the care was due to start another crisis hit the family, sadly Bert passed away. This then changed the needs of the whole family as they were no longer able to share the home care as they had their own needs to consider.

They then needed live in care. Straight away with the flexibility of the home care workers that we employ we were able to provide the live in care that the family needed and through the commitment to the high standards of our home care workers we were able to put this in to place with just 2 carers therefore keeping the all-important continuity of care.

The family needed the support that we were able to provide. It allowed the family time to grieve, organise the funeral and organise the long term care that was now needed for Mildred. Mildred had the high quality care that she needed and our home care workers and ourselves were proud of the care and support we gave the family in their time of need.

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