The Cost of Homecare

The Cost of Homecare

What should you expect to pay for Quality Care?

The cost of Homecare is always a tricky subject. No one wants to have care at home, but when you need that extra support to help you stay in your own home the need for care can be inevitable. Cost of HomecareResearch shows that staying at home helps you to be as independent as possible and being where you are happiest can help to prolong life.Cost-of-Care-Pic-1

So when looking for Homecare what should you consider? There are so many companies out there that can offer care at home so how do you choose which is the Homecare company for you? The two things that most people consider to be the most important when looking for care are quality and cost.

The cost of care has to be a consideration as no one knows how long care will be needed for and no one has a bottomless pit of money. The cost of our care is published on our website, we feel it’s important that people know what the cost is when looking at our site. It helps you to make an informed choice and we believe that there should be no secrets when it comes to the cost of our care. We have always tried to keep our cost simple so that everyone knows exactly what they will be paying for.

Quality of care is linked to the cost of care. Along with most things we purchase it is considered that the more expensive means the higher quality. So how do you know if you are paying for quality or just adding to the profits for the care company?

At My Care at Home we ensure our care is quality care by investing in our staff. We believe that a job in care should be a career in care. It should be a job that provides rewards and job satisfaction. By ensuring our staff are happy and feel supported means that they will be able to provide the best care they can.

So how do we do this? Firstly we feel that care workers need to be paid a wage that they deserve. We pay all of ourCost-of-Care-Pic-2 care workers the living wage of £7.85 for every hour of care that they provide. We Cost of Care, cost of homecarealso pay for the time that they spend traveling and for their mileage. They are paid for their training, reimbursed for their DBS and provided with all the equipment that they need to perform their job. We are proud that our remuneration package is the best in the area.

Secondly the training and support we provide our staff goes the extra mile. All of our training is delivered face to face and tailored to the needs of each individual staff member. We then provide staff opportunities to shadow more experienced staff, and again this is tailored to the needs of each care worker. Once new recruits are trained and ready to go there is always someone there to help if they need support. Our on call service is available at all times with someone who works at My Care and the end of the phone, able to give relevant and appropriate advice and support.

Thirdly we feel ongoing training and personal development is important. All staff are encouraged and supported to study for their QCF levels 2&3. We have space at the office where our care workers can come and study in peace away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives at home.

The cost of our care pays for all of this support for our staff. By choosing My Care at Home you can be assured that you are paying for quality. We make the same profit for every hour of care we provide as companies that charge less for care. We invest the money you pay into our staff to ensure the care is of high quality.

If you are looking for Homecare and are baffled by who to choose look at the value you get for the cost of the care, look at the working conditions of the care workers. It’s the care workers that are providing the care and you want them to be the best possible.