Respect Your Street While You Trick Or Treat


‘Respect your street while you trick or treat’

Halloween is a fun time for many children and their parents with the tradition of trick and treating becoming more and more popular. However for many of our more vulnerable neighbours this
can be a time they are dreading.trick-or-treat-150x150
Many elderly people don’t want to be seen as unsocial and will open the door to the local children, but what about the people that they don’t know? It’s a sad fact that many thieves will prey on the vulnerability and trusting nature of some of our elderly neighbours at Halloween.

Please remember not everyone is happy to have trick or treaters calling at their home. If there are no signs of decorations or pumpkins on the doorsteps, then avoid those houses. Encourage children to ‘Respect your street while you trick or treat’
Here are some tips that can be passed on to relatives and neighbours to help them feel safer:
• You don’t have to answer the door to unknown callers. You can display this poster in your window to let people know you do not want visitors.
• Use your spyhole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.
• Have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour to hand by your telephone, just in case you need to call them.
• If you are going to be on your own and feel vulnerable, let a family member, relative or friend know, so they can make contact to check you are okay.
• If trick-or-treaters do call on you and things get out of hand, or you feel intimidated, contact Suffolk Police.


To report anti-social behaviour, call 101. If you feel threatened, it’s an emergency, or a crime is in progress, dial 999.


Posters are available from Suffolk Police, alternatively pop in to our office 117 Ipswich Street Stowmarket and we will happily print one out for you.